Construction Safety

Construction Projects

Highway 29

Contracted by WSP

BC Hydro partnered with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to realign six segments of Highway 29. Construction started in 2018 and will continue until mid-2023.

To date, Allman Safety has provided:

  • Hazard identification, safety auditing, quality assurance and site safety coordination for the owner
  • Site safety coordination for the Prime Contractor

Kicking Horse Canyon

Phase 4 – Contracted by WSP

The Kicking Horse Canyon is one of the most rugged and scenic sections to be found on the Trans-Canada Highway. Work is underway to transform the most difficult 4.8 kilometers of the narrow, winding two-lane highway into a modern four-lane, 100 km/hr standard.

Allman Safety is:

  • Performing pre-job hazard assessments on all new work prior to implementation
  • Ensuring compliance with the Prime Contractor Safety Program
  • Developing and delivering site-specific safety program and orientation packages
  • Developing safety procedures to ensure minimum risk to workers
  • Conducting safety audits

Centennial Terminal Expansion

Contracted by WSP for the Owner

The Centennial Terminal Expansion Project includes reconfiguration and expansion of the Centerm container terminal, a new overpass on Centennial Road, changes to Waterfront Road to create a continuous port road from Canada Place to McGill Street and the removal of the Heatley Road overpass.

Allman Safety Consulting is providing the Safety Lead for the owner on the project.

Site C

Contracted by BC Hydro

The Site C Project is a third dam and hydroelectric generating station on the Peace River in northeast BC.

Allman Safety’s role included:

  • Helping to establish a Multiple Prime Contractor model for the project
  • Developing the contract language for multiple prime contractors
  • Performing the hazard assessment for the project
  • Providing safety auditing for the initial stages of the project
  • Training for the BC Hydro staff in prime contractor monitoring

Vancouver Olympics 2010

Contracted by Vanoc

Construction of the Whistler Sliding Center (Photo credit)

The 2010 Olympic organizing committee needed to ensure that they had world-class safety. Allman Safety was called to help develop venue specific safety programs and to monitor worksites to ensure compliance during construction. As construction was completed on the venues, Allman Safety continued to provide expert advice on the safe pre-Olympic operation of the facilities.

Allman Safety Monitored Olympic Worksites

  1. Whistler Sliding Center
  2. Cypress Mountain
  3. Hillcrest/Nat Bailey Stadium Park
  4. Pacific Coliseum
  5. Whistler Nordic Venue  

Edgett Construction On-Site

Contracted by Edgett Construction

Edgett Construction was expanding and they found themselves at a stage of growth where they needed a Safety Program and a Safety Committee. By working with Edgett Construction on-site, Allman Safety helped to develop a program that ensured they could continue to deliver services to their clients safely and effectively.